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One Word

Vision boards, goal lists, new gym memberships. All things we are motivated to do when the new year rolls around. We attempt to commit ourselves to changes and habits we want to see in our lives. The desire is strong because there is a newness that comes with the first day of a brand new year. But we also know that there isn't anything magical that happens on January 1st. In fact, research shows that people give up on their New Year's resolutions before sticking it out long enough to see results.

Like many of you, I have just created fresh goals and intentions for the months ahead. There are many experiences and habits I'd like to call into my life. Last year, I learned to look at goal setting with a new perspective. A real game changer in my opinion! It involved more than just focusing on the goals and habits I wanted to call in. I willingly adopted a "word of the year" that guided my way of being and doing.

Have you ever considered choosing a word to be your guide for the year ahead? It entails selecting one "North Star" word that will be a common theme for you to embody. It should be a word that represents your greatest desire for the months ahead. Last year my word was intention. I tried to choose everything I committed to with true intention behind it. When I made a decision, I would ask myself, "what is my intention in allowing this?"

Here are some words that may speak to what it is you are seeking for yourself in 2022. Please note, these are suggestions to get you thinking. You may have something entirely different come to mind!

  • perseverance creativity generosity adventure stability

  • presence acceptance integrity tradition inner peace

  • fun/recreation self-control community fulfillment happiness

  • freedom confidence momentum abundance wellness

Take some time to think about a word that could be an underlying compass that guides and supports your decisions as you move throughout the year ahead. Claim it. Post it. Write about it. Set it as your phone screen saver like I did!

What is my word for 2022? Cultivate! -To acquire, develop, prepare and use.

It is time to bring to life all that I have been working on. Time for the fruition of all the ideas that have been brewing inside of me. I claim this word and vow to make 2022 a year of moving the needle forward! Cultivating friendships. Cultivating new family traditions. Cultivating health and vitality. Cultivating spiritual growth. Cultivating speaking and writing opportunities. Cultivating community.

If you want more inspiration on this matter, check out this super quick read below! A short book written solely to help you choose YOUR word for the year ahead and how you can make it work for you in 2022!

Please comment below with your word for 2022!

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Jean Mahaney
Jean Mahaney
Jan 09, 2022

I don’t know what my word would be… I guess I would have to give it some more thought. But right now I think maybe continuation …. Continuation of my faith that no matter what obstacles are placed in my way God will walk beside me; continuation to be the best wife I can and stay committed in my wonderful marriage; continuation to be my best me for my children; continuation to show up every day for my students; continuation on my workout journey….

just quick thoughts- kind of boring and not very risky.

Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jan 09, 2022
Replying to

I like that! Nothing wrong with maintaining what proves to work! Good one!

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