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I'm Jill,

 the Jack of all Trades


     I am an author, blogger, speaker, and empowerment mentor.  After over 22+ years in public education, I am sharing my stories of triumph to inspire others who are also meant for more. My newly released self-help memoir, When the Apple Falls Far from the Tree, outlines my lifelong journey in discovering the “me that I am” and the tools I used to thrive along the way.


     I have faced many obstacles throughout life and have experience in a multitude of areas.  From a chaotic childhood, to cancer recovery, multiple weight loss journeys, and a newly sober lifestyle; I feel compelled to reveal all the resources I have used to make it to the other side of these challenging lessons.


     Through reading books, listening to podcasts, and investing in countless courses to gain personal growth- I discovered names and resources that helped me understand my lessons and struggle.  Finding this wealth of motivation and inspiration is what led me to want to share with you.  Thanks to gurus such as Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown, Mel Robbins, and Jen Sincero, I now have an arsenal of ideas I want to share and bring to life!


     We don’t all seek to make self-improvements or pivot at the same time in life- but when you’re ready, you’re ready! It is my desire that you find this same level of encouragement and support when you spend time with me.  Connection and community are critical when leaning in to transformation.  I’d love to be the one to show you the endless resources that are available to guide you on your personal growth journey.


     The reason I created my blog and finally wrote the book was to fulfill my yearning to motivate and encourage others.  I truly believe the time is now and that no one should have to wait for rock bottom or a crisis to find their authentic-self or purpose.  I believe that we are all meant for more!  Our personal story is an integral part of our path forward.  We must learn to embrace it.  All the parts- the good, the bad, the ugly!

     Whether you’re 20, 40, or 70… you may be feeling that something is missing or unfulfilled inside of you.  You may be unsure what to make of this nudge or whether or not you should act upon it.  I am here to empower you to “Live Out Loud” regardless of your age or current situation.  We can transform our lives at any point in time.  Every moment is a choice and YOU are in charge.  It’s time to stop pushing your desires away or hide what you truly seek  in life. 


     What are you waiting for?  Why not you?  Why not now?

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