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Ready, Set, Action!

Have you ever taken the time to think about what you want and desire for your future? Do you allow yourself to dream about the possibilities? Do you know that you have the potential and power to make it happen? Or do you tell yourself that you are content even though down deep you may be longing for something more? Do you feel guilty hoping and wishing for more when life seems pretty darn good right now?

Either way, you're in the right place!

I recently participated in a online Vision Board workshop. One of the tasks was to write out all the things I hoped to achieve or create for myself in the next five years. The timer was set for five minutes and my ideas poured onto the paper. I remember the host saying that it may be difficult to keep writing for the entire time. But it was not difficult for me. I couldn't write fast enough. I am a dreamer... and my ideas spilled onto the page rather effortlessly.

I was truly taken aback by the next step. She asked us to use the next few minutes to really look deeply at what we had written on the page. When I began digesting what I listed as hopes and dreams, I came to a huge realization. Not one single thing listed on that paper was unattainable. Not one single thing was too rigorous for me to achieve. Not one single thing staring back at me was something I didn't deserve in my life.

Enter the power of a Vision Board.

What exactly is a Vision Board anyway?

Vision boards do for your dreams what Post-It notes do for your daily to-do lists. It is simply a place to park and proudly display all the dreams that transpire in your thoughts. Your Vision Board simply holds your visions, that which you dream of and long for. It is a visual representation and reminder of all things futuristic you.

Vision boards have changed quite a bit over time. When they first began, many people would cut pictures and headlines from magazines and paste them to some sort of poster board. (Some still use this method!) But as the internet exploded over the past couple decades, dreamers were granted access to more personalized pictures and quotes. Printing and cutting has become the new norm for creating a more accurate representation of what we desire. Cork boards, picture frames, and personal planners are the latest trends for housing our detailed ideas. And nowadays, some people even create digital versions which remain on their desktop or tablet screen.

Vision boards have also generated spin-offs over time. Action boards, dream boards, mood boards... just to name a few. But truthfully, they all serve the same purpose. The desire to bring an idea or feeling to life. Which makes me think of one of my favorite mantras, "thoughts become things."

Which type of Vision Board would work best for you?

There are a few cardinal rules you'll want to follow if you are going to put in the time and energy to create your future. Follow the 3 suggestions below if you are serious about shifting your focus towards your goals and dreams. You absolutely have the power to take action and start moving towards your truest desires!


1. Get clear. Be as specific as you possibly can. For example, don't just cut out any old picture of a sandy beach. Find a picture of the exact beach you want to visit or spend your weekends at. Dreaming of a new home? Research until you find a photo the captures all the qualities you are searching for. Want to live more joyfully? Cut out words and phrases that speak to your version of happiness and bliss.

2. Look at the big picture. We often get stuck focusing on one aspect of our life. Maybe you want to lose weight and get fit. You absolutely should include images that promote this lifestyle then. Just don't forget about all the other important areas of your life. Where do you want to physically live? What will love and relationships look like for you? How about finances? Career? Make sure the images and words on your board clearly define where you are headed in all areas of your life. Remember, you are calling all this goodness in! You don't want to forget anything important!

3. Display it in plain view. Don't tuck it away behind some closet door or leave it on a Pinterest board you are never going to remember to open. You didn't put in all this work to hide your hopes and dreams, did you? Hang it on your office wall. Place it in the entry way where you grab your keys each day. Pick a spot that you know you visit frequently throughout the day. The more you lay eyes on it, the more you'll think about it. You want to dedicate time each day to take it all in. I even say a few affirmations out loud as I look at mine each morning and night.

Hold the vision. Trust the process. -author unknown

Commit to taking inspired action towards your hopes and dreams. They cannot be achieved unless you identify them and move toward them. Make it a daily habit to consciously manifest the life you dream of and desire. It won't happen over night. But it can happen when you decide to let the Universe in on your plans. Dream big!


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