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The Power of our Thoughts

When we look back on the timeline of our lives, it is often amazing to see the seasons of change that have taken place. Change is always occurring even if it isn't a blatant or visible process for us to acknowledge.

What if I told you that you are personally "calling in" everything that is happening around you? And that it is happening "for" you, not "to" you. Could you digest that statement?

Hear me out. I am well aware this is not the case 100% of the time. Nobody beckons tragedy on purpose. But this is the case most of the time. Your thoughts control so much more than you can possibly comprehend. Manifestation is real and I didn't come to understand this concept fully until I began writing my book.

The clarity that has come in unison with my experience as an author has provided me with actual evidence.

“Manifesting is cultivating the experience of what it is that you want to feel and then living and believing in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form.” -Gabby Bernstein

I had no idea what manifesting actually was until I began writing. It wasn't a term or concept I was one bit familiar with. Or so I thought. Suddenly, I was given a reminder that at a soul level, I knew exactly what is was and exactly how to use it. In my book, I share my evidence of this enlightenment.

While many may associate the term itself as "woo woo" in nature... it is quite frankly a matter of science. Everything in the world is made up of energy. We are energy. We exude energy. We call in energy. Manifestation is the process of understanding how to use this known fact to our personal advantage. This is a concept I plan to further explore as I go about my journey.

For now, enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming book. It is a recollection of me as a small child. A child who brought a wish and experience to form decades later in life simply by believing it to be so. ❣


"There I was, sitting on her living room couch, a giant catalog tucked between my knees. I was flipping through the pages of the Sears Christmas Wishbook. (Oh, how I loved when that catalog would arrive in the mailbox each year!) I would sit down and get right to work. In this particular memory, I must have been about six or seven years old. I was circling items with a pen and also creating a paper list to keep track. My Grandmother came close to see what I was up to. She asked about my list and whether I was getting it ready to send to Santa Claus. Then she leaned in closer and realized what was going on.
I began to explain to her that the list was not for me. It was for my daughters. I told her how I didn’t want Santa to deliver me these items. I wanted him to save them for my daughters when I had the chance to be a mommy myself someday.
She felt the pain and longing from the years of neglect in my home. She grabbed me and held me tight, the kind of hug that feels it will never end. I am pretty sure I spotted a tear or two in her eyes as she looked down upon me. My innocent eyes stared deeply back into hers.
At the time, I had no idea how endearing or powerful that moment was. (I am so glad I get to relive its beauty now through memory.)
I was subjected to some ugly times back then, but in the safety of my grandma’s presence and home, I dreamed of the day I would have my own loving family. And how I would do it all so differently. I would do it right. I was manifesting my deepest desires. I was visualizing the outcomes of my future self at such a young age. And I never, ever lost sight of my hopes and dreams. I held tight to the energy connected to those visions and aspirations. I knew how much my husband and I would love each other. I could see our home and yard. Our children, daughters, playing together lovingly within it. I saw my classroom set up, where I would spend my days as a teacher, loving God’s other children and making them feel cared for and loved. It was a crystal-clear mind movie that I played over and over until it was literally brought to life over the course of several decades."

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