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On Living Out Loud

Last March, I bravely hit the "publish" button to make my website go “live” for the very first time. My designs and ideas were far from complete. I had a rather loose vision for what my blog site would look like, let alone what it should include. Still, I took the plunge and did it anyway!

What made me click that button? What was I thinking at that moment? Was I out of my ever loving mind?

Earlier that day, I was scrolling through social media. (Big surprise!) I stumbled across a post from an old friend at college that said, “I’m starting a blog!” I immediately felt a rush of excitement for her. A smile ran across my face with anticipation as I clicked the link to see what her news was all about and what she’d be sharing.

Turns out it was exactly the nudge I needed to stop procrastinating with my own ideas. I had purchased a website a month or so earlier and tinkered around with it here and there. Inevitably, intimidation would set in and make me say things to myself like, “who the hell am I to start a blog and pretend I know some things?” Not to mention, the initial set up is a mammoth task for a non-techie like me!

There was an actual adrenaline rush when I pushed that button that would make it go “live” to the world. The same butterflies that danced when I moved into college as a teenager. That feeling of amazement and possibility… mixed with “I think I might throw up.

It’s no secret that putting yourself out there is a very hard and vulnerable thing to do. So often we have amazing ideas that we let fizzle away because we let fear and negative self-talk take over our thoughts. We play small. We stick with the comfortable and familiar. Only problem is, we’ll never know what is possible if we don’t take risks and welcome the growth that comes with possible failure.

I bet anyone reading this can relate to a moment of self doubt. A moment when you sabotaged something that had potential to be amazing or fulfilling. (Maybe even both!) You are not alone my friend. The majority of us coward down to the bully ego within. We suffer from the same exact problem: Lack of belief in ourselves.

Interested to know how to get past this fear?

There is a solution. It is what took over the day I chose to hit that "publish" button even though I knew the site wasn't quite ready. Call it what you'd like... The voice within. A leap of faith. A shot in the dark. An inner knowing. Or as the inspirational Brene Brown may refer to it as, Daring Greatly. Allowing our true, authentic self to call the shots.

I get that not everyone is as open book as I am. I get that not everyone wants to shout and share their triumphs from rooftops. But you cannot play small in keeping your goals, dreams, and desires to yourself. You must claim them. Let me say that again... you must claim them! Saying them out loud, posting them to a pinboard, or informing your close circle of friends what you are up to shows the Universe you are serious. That you really mean business. You are banking on accountability and watchful eyes to see you through your endeavors.

When you keep things to yourself, you are blocking the abundance and vibrational energy needed to manifest your idea to life. And worse, you are giving yourself the green light to quit at any point, because let's face it, no one knows you were up to it anyway. You slowly put the idea to rest and pretend it never happened.

Admit it. How many times have you done this throughout your life?

Change this pattern by living more on purpose and intentionally. Make 2021 the year you decide to put yourself out there despite the risk involved. Seek out and recruit people who will inspire you and cheerlead for you on your journey. Don't worry about the outcome! Just take the first damn step!

Live. Out. Loud. The slogan I welcomed to represent my personal brand. A reminder and theme I hope to encompass in all that I share and all that I do. I hope you will make it part of your own mantra for the coming year as well. We all have our own unique ideas and gifts to contribute to the world.

What new adventure will you bring to life in 2021?

If you're feeling brave, comment below to share with us and claim it!



Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jan 03, 2021

Love me some Gabby Bernstein! I did her manifesting challenge last year at this time and absolutely loved it! I saved my "yes" list!

You and I both know how important it is to write these ideas down! ❣️


Jan 03, 2021

Wow...this is so incredible! I am in Day Three of Gabby Bernstein's Manifesting Challenge, this was today topics. I wrote your words in my journal! And, I am yes to being complete with my goals and dreams......Enjoy!

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