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How to CRUSH your goal...

If you are someone who nails a goal every time you set one... give yourself a pat on the back. Unfortunately, this post won't be of help to you.

This post is for every person out there who suffers from setting goals, only to give up before ever really getting started. I can raise my hand here. This is me! And I have a feeling many of you can relate. We have the best intentions. We really do! So why is it that goals are seldom achieved? Or, why do we start off with a BANG only to fizzle as the clock ticks on?

These questions truly plague me. I have hustled and accomplished some amazing things throughout my life. Yet other things, seemingly simple things, appear to give me quite a challenge. Discomfort sets in and my inner mean girl takes over. Hello again "self-sabotage."

Do YOU throw in the towel before ever really trying?

Perhaps you can relate to exactly what I am saying. We want to change this pattern of behavior but we just don't understand how. I am happy to report I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you to try out. Stick with me here. We can be more successful with the goals we want to achieve if we make some minor adjustments and commitments to ourselves.

I have spent a tremendous amount of time doing personal development work during the pandemic. I have watched endless podcasts, read blogs, and have even participated in a couple "paid for" coaching programs. There have been many take-away's and Aha moments from these resources. (Many of them free!) If you are anything like me... you don't want a huge task list to spark your motivation. You want simple. You want doable. You want results. And you want to apply these tricks to goals in any area of your life! Organization, fitness, diet, travel planning... you get the picture!

I am going to share 3 simple tips for setting a goal you can and will achieve. You just have to promise yourself (and me) that you will follow through and give it a try! When you see it work... I assure you that you will be super motivated to set the next one!

Are you ready to finally crush that goal you dare to dream about?

No goal is too big or too small!

Take ONE goal you have in mind and cut it in half! (Heck, maybe even cut it into fourths.) You see, we all suffer from setting unobtainable goals. Goals too big to bring change. We want to give up on it just thinking about all the work it's going to take. Stop yourself! We have to think in terms of baby steps. Small gains are goal builders! One of my awesome writing coaches explained that it is best to set small goals and crush the hell out of them!!! Because now you have "overachieved" the goal... and you will indeed crave more! Let's say you are trying to get back into fitness after several months off. If your ultimate goal is to exercise for 1 hour each day, then set your initial goal for 30 minutes and brag about every extra minute you make it past that!

You want to book that trip? Maybe you can't afford to set aside $50 per week. Start with $25. Add the extra money when you can! Small = attainable. Attainable = more to come! You can always increase once you feel sweet success!

Don't skip this part! Writing out your goal and seeing your commitment in black and white (or color) is important. There are actual studies out there that prove people who write out their goals consistently are 42% more likely to achieve them. That is insane! And the very reason why you must commit to grabbing the pen! Post that paper where you can see it several times a day. Make multiple copies. Put it on your refrigerator. Set it as your phone screensaver. Hang it on the bathroom mirror. And don't just stop there! Consider journaling about this one goal you are crushing. Do short daily entries to reflect on your progress. Visualizing and writing about your goal repeatedly will increase your level of commitment. See yourself as already having achieved it! Think about how it's going to make you feel.

Tell someone. I don't care if you proclaim it publicly on your Facebook page or confide it secretly to your next door neighbor. Tell someone who will hold you accountable. Someone who will cheer you on and ask how you are doing regularly. When we tell others what we are setting out to accomplish, we naturally feel more inclined to follow through. This one is a no-brainer! I have an "accountability buddy" for my book writing and another one for my blog. Both of these ladies are excellent listeners. They provide me with feedback and inspiration. And if you can't find someone to share with... tell me! I will gladly check in to see how your commitment to these 3 simple steps is working for you!

So... are YOU ready to be a goal crusher? Don't be a goal setter... be a goal getter!

You got this! Pick ONE thing and go! Comment below to tell me what you are are willing to commit to using these 3 simple steps! I look forward to your progress!


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