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What Speed are You?

Are you a multi-tasker? Like your computer, do you have ten tabs open at all times? Never giving your full focus to any one thing. Rather, you might find yourself partially invested in many things. Do you feel scatter brained as you anxiously attempt these tasks?

Or, are you the opposite, stuck in one place trying ever so hard to decide what your next move should be? Wondering when motivation or the answer you seek will strike?

Maybe you're like me. I can relate to both. I am either full steam ahead with my hand in far too many pots. Or I am stuck like glue, unable to decide or move forward.

Does this sound familiar?

I have finally reached a point in life where I am no longer willing to carry on this way. These two speeds are not the person I aspire to be.

But how on earth do we find the happy middle? A pace where we function with flow and productivity in all that we do. A pace we can embrace because it feels good.

I decided to challenge myself last month to get more focused, more purposeful with my time management. I revisited Jen Sincero's 21 Day Badass Habit Challenge. (An excellent book about making changes in any area!) I had done this challenge once before and decided to give it another go. This time focusing on creating the habit of single-tasking. I wanted to embody the essence of someone present in the experience, fully engaged. Whether sipping coffee, listening to a friend tell me a story, working on my writing, or jogging on the treadmill, I longed for my focus to solely be on what it is I am currently doing. I want the ability to pick one thing and then move forward with momentum dedicated to it. (This is a lot more difficult than you may think!)

Sure there are plenty of benefits that come with multi-tasking. And God bless you if you are one of those people who can successfully accomplish and remember ten things at a time. I am most definitely not one of those gifted people. There are also benefits to giving yourself a break from a daunting task. Just be certain you are not letting yourself procrastinate for too long because we all know it won't magically go away or get done.

I don't want to be living in a state of brain fog. I can't remember things from an hour ago, let alone last week. And I know this is due to functioning on auto-pilot. I am going through the motions without stopping to give myself enough grace to participate in the moment currently happening in my life. Something tells me many of you are guilty of living this same way.

We can make simple, yet profound tweaks in our day that can help us slow it down or speed things up if need be.

If you're moving too quickly, it is time to practice the "pause." Literally pausing, calling yourself out in your head, and then getting yourself back into the moment you are presently in. Pay close attention. When you catch yourself chugging your morning coffee, remind yourself to sit for at least a minute and sip it with intention, enjoying its warmth and taste. When you are applying lotion to your body after a shower, don't aimlessly lap it on. Take time to deeply inhale the smells, feel the moisture, and enjoy the simple massage that you could be treating yourself to as you rub. Reward your body! It does amazing things for you on a daily basis. When you are on the computer, don't allow yourself to leave all those tabs open! Close them up. Force yourself to focus on literally one tab at a time.

If you're moving too slowly, you need a jolt of inspiration. It's time you figure out what it is that gets you going. Maybe a short walk to increase blood flow. Perhaps calling a good friend or family member than can deliver a quick pep talk to help you get your mojo back. Sometimes just getting down on the floor to play with the dog can get us back into a state of playful flow. One of my personal favorites is to create a musical playlist with high-vibing tunes. It gets my juices flowing every time! If feeling stuck is a common theme for you, I suggest you create a written list of all the "energizers" in your life. Literally write down everything that makes you feel good or motivated. Go to your menu and select one any time you need a nudge to get your motor humming again.

I haven't found the perfect speed yet. But I love that my mind is tuning in and taking note of what feels good and what doesn't. Spend today trying to notice where your own speedometer is off. Adjust accordingly. You will thank yourself when this becomes a daily habit, trust me. Each person, task, or experience you choose deserves your undivided attention or commitment. Productivity comes when we are truly engaged and aware.


If you are interested in Jen's Badass book, click the image below!


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