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To Mother, with love...

Today, In honor of Mother's Day, I've decided to write a post dedicated to all the women out there who are mothers. And I am not just talking about those who have birthed tiny humans either. I am addressing all the women who play any sort of motherly role. Perhaps you're a mother to fur babies. Perhaps you sometimes find yourself mothering your spouse or partner. Maybe you even have to step into a mother-like role with members of your workplace. No matter your age or profession- I bet you can find a part of your life that is led by motherly instinct. If so, than this post is for YOU! And, If you are a spouse or partner to someone who plays a motherly role... than you can lean in and pay attention as well! You are in the right place for some helpful ideas!

Let's talk about Self-Care! Let's demystify the idea that self-care is all about a "day at the spa." While that can certainly be part of it... there is much more to it than one might think!

Self-Care 101:

We have all heard the phrase, "you cannot pour from an empty cup." We are smart enough to know what it means. But... do we actually take heed of how profoundly true it is? I can't tell you the number of years I have lived my life feeling anxious and "stretched thin." I never made myself a priority until very recently. I began putting my needs first and my life is remarkably different. For the better of course! That is exactly why I am compelled to share my findings with you!

Self-care encompasses many areas that need your special attention. I have read several articles, browsed various blogs and websites, and gained lots of helpful knowledge on the subject. It can be overwhelming at first. You may want to focus on only one or two areas when getting started.

In my opinion, these are the big 3:

~Physical Self-care

~Emotional Self-care

~Social Self-care

Let me first start by saying, self-care practices are not something you tap into when "the going gets tough" or you are at your breaking point. It is also not selfish to make time for self-care in your daily routine. In fact, it is quite essential. Self-care is a proactive approach in creating your well being. It is an awareness of your personal needs.

"When Mama is happy... everyone is happy!"

Self-Care is a commitment to yourself. An attitude you adopt when you realize you are your most important project! When your vessel (mind, body, & soul) is operating at full swing, everybody benefits!

Physical self-care is the attention you give to your body. And you don't have to be a fitness guru to achieve noticeable results. A long walk in nature does wonders. An uninterrupted salt bath at the start or end of the day can help you to unwind and reset. Grab your friends and go for that much needed pedicure. And do it on a regular basis... not just when it is unbearable to look down at your feet. Schedule and prioritize it like the maintenance appointments you make for your home and car. You matter more!

When most people think of self-care, they tend to think about physically pampering the body. But emotional self-care is equally important. Our mind is a powerhouse as well. Setting boundaries is imperative to safe guarding our energy. Say "no" when your gut tells you to. Make time for reading a new book or writing in a journal or planner. Turn off the t.v. and instead choose music that brings you to your blissful place. Force yourself to detox from social media for a day, a week, or even a month. Learn a new meditation or breathing technique for calming. Everyone can benefit from clearing their mind to make space for more important, genuine interests.

Another area to pay close attention to is your social self-care. Monitor the people you find yourself surrounded by. Whether they are family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues, tune in to how you feel in their presence. Do they add to your happiness and growth? Or do they suck you down the rabbit hole of negativity? Remember, you control who you spend your time with. Do you have a passion or hobby you want to make happen? One of the great benefits of social media is connection. Search out the endless groups on Facebook or blog pages that are dedicated to your specific area of interest. Sign up for a class to learn more. Invest in yourself! Connecting with like minded people feels a bit like magic. You will have a whole community at your disposal to inspire you and your ideas!

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg! There are surely more to come. I encourage you to seek out more information. Put "self-care" in the Google search bar! See what tips speak to you! If everyone made their own happiness a top priority... imagine what the world would be!

Contribute to the collective happiness of our world by exploring a new commitment to yourself. 🧡

Treat yourself or someone you love to the gift of self-care! Here are some fun ideas!

  1. Book a visit to a Float Spa or Salt Cave

  2. Blank notebook/journal and pens

  3. Seasonal pass to a nature park

  4. Scented bath salts and candles

  5. New book or magazine subscription

  6. Craft/paint night classes

  7. Concert tickets

  8. Cooking Classes

  9. Fresh flowers or plants

  10. Spontaneous road trip to a great outdoor location

Comment to share one of your favorite ways to care for yourself! Or let me know if you feel inspired to try something new!


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