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This little light of mine...

I debated whether or not to write anything related to the pandemic. After all, I feel we could all use a break from hearing about it everywhere we turn. And then I remembered... there are MANY silver linings showing up in our time of crisis as well. I realize for those that are suffering, it is a different story. But for me personally, this uncomfortable change has actually brought about many discoveries and connections.

This past August I embarked on a MUCH needed sobriety challenge. I noticed my drinking was getting way out of hand... and it was simply time to dry out a bit. I am currently well over 200 days without a drink and the benefits have been substantial. Impactful enough that I believe I will practice sobriety for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to our current crisis. Our World has halted. We are home-bound and forced to look inward each day for tools to deal with our new reality. I can't help but imagine what this time would be like for me if I were still dependent on alcohol to "get me through" everything. I am beyond grateful that I have found other ways to soothe my soul and needs.

I come from a LONG line of alcoholics. Both sides of my family. So drinking is by far the norm all around me. But I was pleasantly surprised while on a family group chat just the other day.

A cousin of my mine, who is also a socialite and avid wine drinker, gave up routine drinking this past January. She has done so well, only having a couple of drinks since she began. My aunt also confessed to a 2 week dry out brought on by a health scare and hospital visit. She mentioned that she thinks her body "went into shock." Lol.

I am not sure if I had any direct influence here or not. But I'd like to think that sharing my journey with them might have been a little spark of inspiration.

I am not preaching that we all need to live a sober life. There are plenty of people who drink and have control over it. But I dare say, I know many more people who do not.

With the worldly shift that is going on right now, many of us are looking inward and contemplating change. Our wheels are turning, seeking a new sense of direction.

Maybe the time is now for you to challenge yourself. If you don't think you are "dependent" on alcohol... then give it up for a week. A month. 60 days. A year.

See what happens to your mind and body. I promise... it's a game changer.


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