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Tasting our Words

If there were a better place to live and exist... where happiness and optimism ruled... and it was completely free and accessible to you... would you not choose to go there? I am here to tell you there is such a place and it lives inside our mind. It is simply a choice, each day, each minute, if we want to find ourselves there or not. Our voice is our own personal navigation system.

In last week's post, I confessed that I sometimes lose my shit. But truth is, 99% of the time, I live my life positively. Some might say to a fault.

I have been told I am positive to the point of exhaustion. And I am okay with that remark. Because it is a conscious choice I make for myself. I am the only person in charge of my happiness. You bet I'm going to do the best job I can to make this lifetime a delightful one.

With so much happening in the world, I realize it can be hard to maintain optimism and look for the good. But we must remember the cardinal rule, thoughts become things. Worry brings more worry. Hate breeds more hate. Fear grows bigger fears.

Like you, my thoughts can get easily tangled up when others say or do things that may be a trigger for me. Key word: trigger. Triggers are our own responsibility, not society's. We single-handedly get to decide what we are going to give our power and attention to. When the voice in our head (ego) begins its plea, we have two choices: listen or re-direct.

What negative thoughts & words are you allowing to take over?

I don't know about you, but I often have a hard time redirecting my thoughts. Sometimes my words to myself or others come out harsh. I then experience regret or shame when recalling what I just said. It can be a difficult task trying to catch our self before the words come out. But there are steps we can take improve our way of thinking and talking.

I recently stumbled upon an online mini-course that challenged me to "watch my words" for 30 days.

This particular challenge guided me to replace my "go-to" negative words with better choices. For example, instead of always stating what I don't want, it prompted me to focus more on what I do prefer. Instead of dreading something and using the words I have to, I learned I can change my perspective to I get to. (Remember there is always somebody out there who would love to have the life you do!)

This will obviously be a work in progress. But I love that it has made me pause. I feel like I am less reactive and taking more time to think before responding to myself or others.

Do you wish you talked to yourself and others with less judgement?

Then you might want to check out the actual challenge yourself. That's why I decided to share something useful at a time when all of us could use the reminder. The full program is a 30 day commitment. It is called, Watch Your Words, by Christy Whitman. It is completely free! You will get a quick 5 min video delivered to your email each day with a set of intentional words to focus on using. All you have to do is be willing to give it a try! I promise it is eye opening and inspiring!

I am in no way affiliated with this website or coach. I just thought it was an excellent resource to pass along as I myself have benefited from using it personally. I am all about growth and improvement, especially when it's free! I also love to share things that are practical and helpful.

When you pause to become more conscious about your word choice, you are doing yourself a favor, not someone else. Get present with yourself before you speak. And always remember... taste your words before you spit them out!

Here's to better conversations with ourselves and others! 😊

Challenge yourself by clicking the link below and committing to 30 days!


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