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No time like the present...

I still feel as if I have to pinch myself daily when facing the reality of life during a pandemic. One minute I am embracing the pause and new normal ..and the next I am completely baffled as to what I should be doing. For the most part, I have kept my time entirely consumed. I have been faithfully creating a daily schedule each evening so as to keep my life "on track" the following day.

I have showered and put on "real" clothes each morning as well. Even jewelry! Just to keep myself in a somewhat normal frame of mind. And it has truly helped my anxiety and productivity.

Whether we are without work, working from home, or returning from our job each day... we are all spending more time in our space due to the quarantine. It seems like the time is now to bring our ideas and inspirations to life. Perhaps you started something you never had a chance to finish. Maybe you've been wanting to bring one of your ideas from Pinterest to life.

Give it a go! The time IS now!

Today I am sharing another DIY project in case someone is on the fence out there and is looking for little motivation. I am always glad to be of help!

A while back I was on a search for the perfect coffee table. To be specific, I had my eyes glued to the used sales ads. I was hoping to find just the right piece I could paint and transform. I had a vision for the specific style I wanted but unfortunately I could not find anything like the picture in my mind.

Something inspired me to do an Amazon search of a "mission style" coffee table. When I did, I stumbled across an unfinished piece of furniture. (I should have prefaced this with the fact that I LOATHE painting. It is NOT my thing.) But when I gazed at the advertisement and read reviews, something told me this was the one. It went from my virtual cart to delivered in just a couple days thanks to Prime.

When I unboxed all the pieces I had a moment of regret. Ughhh. This would take some time. I knew I wanted to distress it. That meant staining, chalk painting, sanding, sealing, etc... Did I mention I am extremely impatient?

I got to work and before I knew it, the job was done! Not only was I pleased with the product quality... but I was pretty damn impressed with the fact that it turned out EXACTLY like the image I had held in my mind! Ta-da!

A two day project produced a lovely farmhouse style piece to add to my living room. No regrets!

Challenge yourself to create or finish something that has been pressing at you. The time is now... and you will feel so proud when you step back and take in what you have created. Promise!

Project Steps:

1. I stained and sealed the top of the table with Mini-Wax. (Grey)

2. I stained all the bottom pieces with Mini-Wax. (Walnut)

3. Next, I chalk painted them all with white Waverly Chalk paint. (Found at Walmart.)

4. Sanded and distressed edges to my liking. :)

(*No sealers were used other than the top of table.)

Link for the table:


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