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Morning Coffee with Jill

I have decided to do a quick rebirth of my first ever blog post. (For a couple reasons.) My voice has evolved so much over the past several months. I have also learned some new skills in this blog space and feel the need to re-share this post with the people of the world. Converting my wine cart area into a coffee bar station is literally one of my proudest DIY accomplishments. Not just because I was updating the space... but because I was ditching a bad habit.

It's fair to say I am a big fan of transformation. And this really applies to everything in life for me. I LOVE to see things grow or change as I quickly get bored with the same old, same old. Not many things give me as much thrill as stepping back to take a look at a project or item I have morphed into something even better. It reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to! It also motivates me to try more things. I absolutely love crafting and decorating as it is my way of "productively" relaxing. (Have I mentioned I don't sit still?)

My little home is my favorite place on earth. It brings about a peace and calm that no other destination can match. (Okay, the beach is a close second!) I enjoy spending my time and money on making the mood cozy and welcoming. When I sink into the couch late in the evening, I appreciate feeling accomplished in the effort I put in for my family to feel at home here as well.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am also a huge fan of my morning routine. Quiet time before the rest of the house begins to buzz and beckon my time. And this of course includes time to hug my favorite coffee mug at the start of each day. There is just something wonderful about sipping on sweet ambition while getting revved up for the day ahead. (Caffeine perhaps?)

It is not a surprise that the combination of these two favorites would inspire me to come up with my next home makeover project.

Just a couple of months after giving up alcohol, I was itching to change out the bar cart area in our dining room. This was more of a decorative little corner than it was an actual serving bar. It housed several little drink serving gadgets and quotes that promoted wine as a means of coping with life. At the time of my "before" photo it also showcased some of my holiday decor. We have our alcohol stored away in a kitchen cupboard and there just wasn't a need for this display to be taking up space any longer. I immediately knew this tiny nook had "coffee bar" written all over it. Coffee is a drink I knew I'd continue to indulge in at least 2-3 times per day. Why not have a designated space to whip up my warm cup of goodness?

I set to work pinning creative ideas on Pinterest and soon held the vision of exactly what I wanted in my head. It was time to gather supplies and bring this idea to life! I ordered the hardware and piping from Amazon. My husband cut wood shelves for me to stain. I purchased a few small items to add for the decor and even hand-crafted a few wooden signs myself. I already had the perfect sized cabinet to use as the base of the structure. I started by hanging a large piece of self-adhesive chalkboard paper to create a backdrop. (FYI... This was a pain in the butt to place without air bubbles! I totally recommend using chalkboard paint!) Then my hubby measured things out and attached the piping and shelves. Finally, I moved the cabinet into position and began playing around with decorative pieces! The fun part!

Ta-da! The birth of my very own coffee bar! I just adore how inviting and functional it turned out. I find myself in this spot of my home many times throughout my day. And you know what? It puts a smile on my face each and every time!

Do you enjoy changing things up as much as I do? What can you bring to life in a more functional, inviting way? Feel free to comment or share your own DIY home makeover success story! Let's inspire each other to go ahead and start that project already!!

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