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LESS is the New More

Today I am sharing some proof that I actually practice what I preach.

Every year, during my winter break from school, I am motivated to complete some sort of transformational house project. It will usually involve everything from rearranging, purging, painting, and a touch of shopping for few new accent pieces. This year was no exception and it was a no-brainer that I would be repurposing my home office space. This is a tiny room, maybe 10 x 8 foot, and it was previously housing my writing desk as well as my gigantic craft cupboard armoire.

This was a conflict of interest in so many ways! And the exact reason this daunting project had landed itself in the number one slot on my task list.

Every time I sat to write, I looked over to notice the unfinished craft jobs calling to me. When I was relaxing and crafting, I’d look over to my desk and feel guilty that I wasn’t busy writing instead. It was time to separate the two of them.

My craft cupboard is a mammoth entity to say the least. (See pic below.) It deserved a wide open space of its own so it could spread its wings and do its thing. It just so happened that this past summer both of my daughters moved out to begin their independence so I now had two available spaces in the upstairs of our house.

Taking apart a hundred compartments and drawers would be no small fete for the haul up a flight of stairs. This is, after all, the sturdiest and most expensive piece of furniture in my home to date. This would have to be done with tender loving care.

Did I mention it weighs about a million pounds?

If you have checked out any of my earlier DIY posts, you’ve already learned that this is an addiction among the women in my family. We absolutely LOVE to change things up. Color, décor… you name it! (Who doesn’t love a reason to get new things?)

But turns out… this is more psychological than anything else. And you know what? I am down with it. Purging clutter and transforming space are both pathways to “clearing.” This is both literal and figurative. There is ton of research out there that connects clutter and unorganized space to issues with anxiety. And not only our living space! Clutter can sabotage our workspace and mind as well!

"Clutter clearing is the modern day Alchemy." ~ Dennis Lin

I know, I know. The mere thought of taking on a physical transformation project can be extremely overwhelming. But have you ever once completed a purging or cleaning task and thought, “man, that was a waste of time!

I didn’t think so.

Starting is hard but the outcome is so rewarding.

In many of the habit books I have read over the past year, I noticed a recurring theme. Personal space sabotage. This equates to spending time in an area or location that is not conducive to the person you are trying to be.

Our surroundings create emotion. Emotion creates our mood. Our mood decides whether or not we will be productive and stick to our intentions for the day. For me, it only makes sense that if I believe myself to be an author… I have to look and play the part. I have to develop habits an author would have. I need a sacred space where the magic of writing can happen without the disruption of unfinished projects staring me down.

Where can YOU transform and clear space

that better represents the person you strive to be?

If you find you are not able to create a habit or ritual you thought you were trying hard at, take a look from a different perspective. What surrounds you when you attempt this task? Is there distraction? Are there other tasks in plain view that could be relocated? Is the area cluttered with items that truly no longer serve you?

I am familiar with the relief that comes with decluttering and organizing. I experienced it immensely when I finally decided to transform our master bedroom from a storage shed to a place I’d like to relax and spend time every evening.

Think about where can you practice the purge in your life. Bulging garage? Scattered desktop? Overflowing closet and drawers? Filthy car? Shelves full of unused products? Believe it or not, these could be subconsciously tugging at your daily focus.

Do yourself a favor and clear your space both physically and mentally. Free yourself from the clutter that keeps you from improving the quality of your life. Start fresh. Create the kind of space that delivers less anxiety and more calm in your life.

Trust me, you won't be sorry.

I now enjoy sitting down at my desk to be a writer. (Without being beckoned to the craft cupboard.) My space is conducive to the me I want to be. All is well. ❣

(Removing the craft cupboard opened up the space. Binders are now organized and stored in totes at the bottom of the shelf. And most importantly... my desk in no longer covering the natural light that window is allowing in. 🥰)


Julie Halberg Troche
Julie Halberg Troche
Jan 23, 2021

I just love to declutter. It most certainly makes me feel free, refreshed, and new again! It does take a push to get started, but so worth it! Well done!


Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jill Krzyzanowicz
Jan 19, 2021

Thanks so much! Love having more breathing space! :)


Melody Ann
Melody Ann
Jan 19, 2021

Awesome transformation!!! Looks great!!! :)

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