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Meet Margo Reilly


Pen name.


The story behind the name...

Have you ever heard of an alter-ego? Superman is not the only one who has one. We all do! Maybe several of them. Throughout your day, every day, you are stepping into roles that are slightly different from one another. An alter-ego is who takes over as you change these roles. 

My alter-ego is Margo Reilly. I have finally given a name to the hero inside of me. She wrote the memoir that evoked my inner healing journey.  Subscribe below to receive complimentary access to Chapter 1!

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An inspiring story about overcoming life’s obstacles & seeking to become more than your upbringing to end the cycle. This book is so engaging & hard to put down as it shows we can all overcome past traumas to become our best selves!

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Determination, Spirituality, Hope, and Healing

An amazing book about a personal journey fueled by determination, hope, healing and spirituality. It will resonate with the reader on many levels as we all experience challenges in life. It offers hope to those struggling. Margo Reilly shares many resources that empowered her along the way. I plan to use some of those resources in my own personal journey.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Truly inspiring!

While Margo says she was born to become a teacher, I think she was born to be an author! Excellent book! This is a beautifully written book how Margo overcame many of life’s ugly obstacles and became an inspiration for herself and others. Her story is raw, real and it should be read.

Coming in 2024

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a DNA discovery memoir

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